New generation play-to-earn NFT metaverse

First of it’s kind community-owned NFT gaming metaverse bringing provably fair playing experience with the usage of web3 & blockchain tech

Oracul Metaverse

Our benefits

Today’s online gaming industry trades on false promises of getting rich quick. Oracula aims to address lack of transparency and ensures that participants get the maximum benefit in a pure and fun way

One token

One token

Universal token to cover it all: Governance, inner mechanisms, NFT & platform actions, farming & staking, bonuses & payouts
Unique mechanics

Unique mechanics

We aim to bring the most from the newest trends bridging the gap between players and blockchain tech in ultimately unique way of gaming
Player vs Player

Player vs Player

No more fraud by casinos & bookmakers. No staff of analysts. Dynamic independent coefficients, transparent game process, PvP modes


Endless scaling & integration options with economic freedom through aligned incentives, self-custody and delegation of yield-bearing metaverse assets
Rewards & Bonuses

Rewards & Bonuses

Free to play. Big amount of options to grow your NFT character, earn rewards, trade and build your story with Oracula
Provably fair play

Provably fair play

Our platform’s focus to be practical and able to operate at a velocity & security & transparency that satisfies its users
Purple shape

NFT gaming Metaverse is coming

Our vision is to become the first platform of its kind to onboard digital souls on the highest quality playing hub! No cheating, no third-party involvement, but only users participating in a virtual economy with societal impact

Imagine playing your favorite games with completely different principles and mechanics using uniquely generated NFT and most of the modern technology provided by Blockchain. We are not a bookmaker or casinos. We don't have a staff of analysts whose purpose is the profitability of office at any outcome

We are not interested in your loss! Just you, your strategy, experience and endless fun with other players!

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NFT gaming Metaverse is coming

Token utility

1 token 4 all acitivities

Oracula ($ORA) is a decentralised utility token serving as the inner currency in the Oracula ecosystem. The Oracula’s goal is to become the universal gaming token and premier currency of the betting industry


User should hold $ORA tokens in his wallet to be able to place bets with stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies on the platform, to trade NFT’s, to enter challenges, as reward points + bonuses. Oracula native token also can be traded for fiat and other cryptocurrencies via partnered exchanges


Most of important events and actions on the Oracula platform has a fee. That fee goes to rewards pools to be shared and won by the most active users on platforms

Token utility

Yield Farming

Oracula offers different pools for staking & farming. Plus all activity taking place on the platforms will offer rewards to stakers and farmers of $ORA, including bonuses, jackpots, campaigns, special pools etc

Gamification + NFT

At Oracula we have multiple revenue-generating token model. Achieving higher and higher tiers of earned $ORA will unlock exclusive NFTs, access to private events, and special features with bigger rewards


Oracula governance model is harbinger of ultimate decentralization. No one feels left behind or without a voice at Oracula ecosystem. Collecting $ORA tokens will allow our users to bring changes to the future improvements of the platforms

Choose, play, win!

The ORACULA platform is built on the most modern technologies, providing maximum comfort, speed, safety and unique NFT gaming experience

Platform screen
Platform screen
Platform screen

Join us!

Share this amazing journey together with us having fun all the way and earn real money

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Our roadmap

This roadmap does not include every feature that the team plans to ship. We only included bigger bucket items

This roadmap is subject to change based on new data insights, new product priorities, new governance proposals, etc.

Phase 1

  • Concept & idea
  • Market research
  • Project conceptualization
  • Website launch
  • Socials
  • Initial partnerships

Phase 2

  • Smart contracts audit
  • Frontend & Backend development
  • Prediction markets platform alpha launch
  • Seed sale
  • Private sale
  • Public sale
  • TGE & Initial listing
  • Staking launch
  • Farming pools launch
  • General partnerships

Phase 3

  • Marketing events
  • Referral program
  • Multi-bets alpha release
  • Initial jackpots rollout
  • Governance mechanisms
  • New app features

Phase 4

  • Platform improvements
  • Team bets alpha launch
  • Clubs & leagues
  • Additional marketing involving advisors, crypto community and influencers
  • Mobile application alpha release
  • NFT collection launch
  • Tier 1-2 exchange



1 550 000 $ORACULA

Initial circulation supply

50 000 000 $ORACULA

Total circulation supply